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If academic medicine drives your passion for excellence, pursue it at Rush.

Rush University was recognized for excellence in the 2020 edition of U.S. News & World Report’s America’s Best Graduate Schools survey, which recognized Rush as No. 24 in Best Nursing Schools: Master's, and No. 8 in Best Grad Schools: Doctor of Nursing Practice. Rush is also ranked among the Best Medical Schools: Research, and the Best Medical Schools: Primary Care.

Research-training faculty members at Rush are renowned for their depth of knowledge. Rush also has early first- and second-year programs in which students undergo intensive clinical training, work directly with patients in health care settings and work one-on-one with practicing physicians in their Chicago-area offices.

As you teach, you will also be encouraged to keep learning. Faculty members actively participate in teaching workshops and mentoring programs. Each year, the university’s best educators are honored with Rush Faculty Excellence Awards in clinical service, education, research, mentoring and more. Rush faculty initiatives inspire Rush students to participate in offerings such as the Rush Community Services Initiatives Program. This program is an all-volunteer, student-led outreach program that addresses the social and health care needs of Chicago’s communities and neighborhoods.

Rush is continually advancing and reinventing its curriculum. Its active approach to learning in small groups has been proven more effective than the traditional lecture and reading methodologies of other teaching hospitals.

Rush’s flip-the-script teaching philosophy delivers instructional content both online and outside of classrooms, while also bringing traditional activities, such as homework, into the classroom. Rush offers a hands-on learning experience in patient care units, classrooms and labs. Join Rush and enjoy many career pathways to academic excellence.

Rush University College of Nursing is ranked among the top schools in the country.

Each year, the University’s best educators are honored with Rush Faculty Excellence Awards.

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